10 Harmful effects of mobile phone

10 Harmful effects of mobile phone

We are very much unaware of the harmful aspects of this wireless mini mobile phone. We know very little about the physical and emotional damage that can result from overuse of this modern device.


Going to buy a new mobile phone? You must know about the harmful aspects of mobile phone. Excessive use of mobile phones has various effects on your health. Not just physical problems, it can lead to severe mental problems.

The thing that we are most concerned about with the advancement of technology day by day is the mobile phone. The beginning of our daily work is through the alarm of mobile and at the end of the day when we go to sleep, mobile is our daily companion.

In between, we spend a significant part of the day with mobile. It can be video streaming, listening to audio music, reading e-papers, communicating, watching time or playing games.

But we are unaware of the harmful aspects of this wireless mini phone. We know very little about the physical and emotional damage that can result from overuse of this modern device.

Harmful aspects of mobile phones

Research is being done on the harms of excessive mobile phone use. According to a Huffington Post report based on multiple studies, users are experiencing various physical and mental problems due to excessive use of mobile phones. Various researches of modern science and technologists have also come up with various harmful aspects of mobile phones. Let’s not know what are the harmful aspects of mobile phones.

1. Neck pain

Problems with neck pain can occur due to prolonged head tilting and being stuck on the mobile. Excessive game addiction, looking at the screen, watching videos or paying more attention to social media, often it is not possible to keep the correct distance and body position of mobile usage.

This results in neck pain due to the head tilting more than normal. Therefore, any electronic device should be used keeping the correct distance and body position.

2. Decreased light in the eyes

According to researchers, this issue is related to ‘epigenetics’. In other words, there is a genetic problem of impaired vision in humans through the use of mobile phones by keeping them very close to the eyes for a long time.

According to ophthalmologists, excessive use of mobile phones can cause blindness. According to the American Macular Degeneration Association, bluish light from mobile phones can cause blindness through chronic damage to the retina of the eye.

This problem can be reduced by enlarging the font size of the screen, keeping it at least 16 inches away from the eyes, and turning your eyes away from the screen for 20 seconds at a time, looking at green plants. And always try to reduce the brightness of the mobile screen.

3. Less hearing in the ears

Prolonged talking on a mobile phone, listening to loud music and putting headphones in the ear can lead to serious hearing loss. The rate of hearing loss is currently highest among 18- to 25-year-olds. More than 2-3 hours of daily mobile users are at risk of becoming partially deaf within 3-5 years.

Many accidents are constantly happening while moving around with headphones in the ears. A large number of accidents involving trains and buses, which are headlined on the pages of newspapers, are happening due to the movement of headphones in the ears.

Awareness can be an effective solution, including not listening to music at extra volume, not keeping the headphones on all the time and reducing the tendency to talk on mobile for a long time.

4. Damage to the joints

According to a report in the dscout blog on June 17, 2016, research has shown that the average number of taps, clicks and swipes on the screen of an average smartphone user is 2,618 times and a maximum of 5,426 times. Prolonged typing on the screen results in pain in the finger joint.

It can even cause arthritis problems. In addition, sitting posture, talking with the phone between the shoulders and ears, and prolonged texting can increase the risk of various physical problems.

In this case, experts advise not to type messages for a long time and use mobile in the right way.

5. Decreased sperm count

High-frequency electro-magnetic radiation emitted from mobile phones affects various cells in the body and the male reproductive system. Researchers have claimed that harmful mobile phone waves can reduce sperm density and cause male infertility.

When the phone is in the pocket of the pants or the side pocket of the shirt after use, the mobile is heated enough to cause the temperature around the testicles to rise. Resulting in sperm damage. Therefore, experts advise not to keep a mobile phone in the pocket of the pants or any other sensitive part of the body.

6. Nomophobia

Excessive mobile usage creates a fear in the mind whether there is a mobile in the mind all the time or lost. This disease is called nomophobia or no mobile phone phobia. Young people in the UK and India suffer from 53 and 29 per cent of the disease, respectively.

Excessive use of mobile phones also causes stress, which can be seen to affect other daily activities. Reducing mobile dependency as much as possible can be an effective solution.

7. Suddenly hearing a ringtone

Excessive mobile users may hear sudden ringtone or vibration sounds due to anxiety and depression. In other words, it seems to them that someone may have called or received a notification. But in reality nothing like that happened.

Many users do not even understand the problem due to excessive mobile usage. Experts advise staying away from mobiles and not using excess.

8. Irritable mood

Prolonged use of mobile phone often makes the user’s mood irritable. At the same time instability and inattention increase. Usually then the user can not easily realize this problem.

He unknowingly behaved indecently with someone. If such problems are observed, additional mobile addiction should be reduced.

9. Decreased thinking power

Excessive use of mobiles reduces people’s electrical thinking ability. As creative talent declines, so does the ability to innovate and make decisions. As a result of students resorting to various forms of deception and forgery through mobile phones, the meritorious students of the country are moving away from the moral position day by day.

As a result of addiction to mobile games and social media, children and adolescents are becoming inattentive to food and daily activities. US virologist said. Devara Divas thinks that the wave rays of mobiles are causing health problems to children.

Japan’s DoCoMo Foundation, in a survey of five countries, found that 80 percent of children were separated from their families and society by mobile phones. Therefore, mobile phones cannot be handed over to the child before the specified age.

Parents often play cartoons or songs on their mobile phones to break the child’s anger. Which later became an obvious problem.

10. Porn-addiction

With the advent of mobile phones, it is now available to people of all ages. As a result, various kinds of immoral activities have increased. As a result of Akash culture, young people are becoming addicted to pornography through internet.

According to a research report by an organization called ‘Foundation for People’, 8% of school-going students in the capital Dhaka are addicted to pornography. As a result of which various kinds of physical problems as well as the tendency of perverted sex among the youth is increasing at an alarming rate.

Experts believe that the availability of mobile and internet and consequently pornography addiction is one of the reasons behind the abnormal increase in rape and murder cases. Therefore, children and adolescents should be kept under adequate monitoring. Adult content must be blocked on home mobile.

Other harmful aspects of mobile phones

  • There is a tendency among children and adolescents to destroy family values ​​and disobey the advice of their parents.
  • Mobile has created a new mental illness called taking extra selfies or selfies.
  • Electromagnetic radiation from towers being erected on various educational institutions, residential buildings and crop lands to facilitate mobile phone networks is causing extensive damage to human body as well as plants, fruits and crops.
  • Excessive use of smartphones is the most common cause of sleep problems.
  • Mobile phones can cause brain, head or throat tumors, according to the American Cancer Society’s website.
  • Experts believe that long-term use of mobile phones can affect memory and heart.

Last word

In order to have a beautiful modern life and healthy normal future generation, we need to be aware of the harmful aspects of mobile phones now. It will be possible for people of all walks of life, regardless of party affiliation, to have a controlled use of mobile phones. Above all, an effective move from the upper echelons of the government could be a blessing in disguise for thousands of mobile-addicts. I wish that.

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