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Making money by playing quiz 2022

You must know this wonderful app to earn money by playing quiz. With this app you can gain knowledge as well as earn good amount of money.

Making money by playing quiz 2022

Earlier in the course we shared some Android App with which it is possible to earn income. Today we will talk about the app to earn money by playing quizzes. When you make money by doing something you like, there is nothing better than that.

Quizzes are definitely a great way to get knowledge, enjoy and finally earn money by playing quizzes. Especially with this kind of app, students also get a good opportunity to prepare themselves for various competitive exams.

Is it possible to earn money by playing quiz?

Yes, of course possible. There are currently some quiz apps available in the Google Play Store, from which it is really possible to earn money by playing quizzes. One such app is QuizLab, which allows you to add to your general knowledge as well as unlimited income.

Although there are thousands of Income apps in the Play Store, there are very few trusted apps that really pay users. And QuizLab is one of them. Every day countless people are playing quizzes in this wonderful app and earning good amount of money.

What is QuizLab?

QuizLab is a Trivia Quiz Game with over 10 categories on various topics. There are various questions in all these categories, with the correct answer you can earn income from here.

Are you proficient in common sense? Then you can earn money with the correct answer to the question from the category of general knowledge. If you wish, you can participate in various categories including Bangla language, international, sports or English.

Almost all levels of students can use this app as the questions given in QuizLab are relatively easy. At the end of the quiz game you can easily get the money deposited in your account through development or cash.

Features of the QuizLab app

  • Here you will find 10+ categories and each category has 4 levels.
  • In each level you have to answer 10 questions and the questions will have 4 options.
  • You will see in your dashboard how much money you have earned by answering the question correctly.
  • In the QuizLab app, you can see the list of the players who are earning the most money from LeaderBoards. You can also join this list by playing more and more quizzes.
  • There is no limit to your income in this app. You can earn unlimited money by playing quiz.
  • Every week new categories and questions are added to QuizLab. Which you can find out through notifications.
  • You can win 1000 points as a referral by inviting friends or acquaintances to QuizLab, and the one who is invited will win 1000 points by opening an account. Which you can later convert into money and take.

QuizLab’s payment system

QuizLab is one of the trusted apps in the Google Play Store that pays you on time. With this app you can withdraw at least 500 rupees. In other words, if you have 500 rupees in your balance, then you can make a withdrawal request. And this money you will get through development or cash. You will receive your payment within 24 to 72 hours of the withdrawal request.


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After all, QuizLab has countless users. If you’re still unsure about this great app, check out the Google Play Store user reviews. This will allow you to know the opinions of the users of this app.

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