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Online Money Income App bd 2022 (Review)

Online Money Income App bd 2022

Today we will introduce you to 10 apps to earn money online in Bangladesh, if you work with them, you will definitely get paid.

If you search the Play Store, you will find a lot of apps to make money online. But sadly not all of them will pay you. Most of them are scams. They will work with you, but when it comes time to pay, your account will be suspended or disabled for various reasons.

So it goes without saying that it is very difficult to find out if the income app pays money properly. In fact, the number of such apps in Bangladesh is only a handful. So most of the time there is a possibility of being deceived.

Today in Corsica we will introduce you to 10 apps to make money online in Bangladesh, which you will definitely get paid if you work with them. It is very easy to get payment from Bangladesh with these apps. If you wish, you can withdraw money through bKash, PayPal, Pioneer, Bank War Transfer and even Mobile Recharge.

App to make money online 2022

1. Bkash App

Bkash App is the most trusted app to earn money for Bangladeshis. There are probably very few people who do not know about development. Bikash is a mobile banking service provider in Bangladesh. Through this app Bangladeshis can send money to each other from any part of the country.

However, development services are no longer limited to mobile banking. Internet bills, electricity bills, online shopping, movie or travel ticketing and many more can now be done very easily and in the fastest time through Bkash App.

But for those who are looking for a mobile app to earn money, the good thing is that now you can earn a good amount of money through bKash app. Those who are very serious, they are earning 30/40 thousand rupees per month with this app.

But to get started, you need to have your own development account. And then you can start earning income by referring the app to your friends or acquaintances. To do this, go to the Settings option of the app and click on the Refer a Friend option. Here you will find a unique link.

You will share this link with people through text message, messenger or any other way. Clicking on this link will ask you to download the Bkash App. So you understand, if someone downloads Bkash App by clicking on that link and creates an account, then you can earn 100/150 rupees. This way you can earn a certain amount of money as many accounts will be created by clicking on your link.

2. My Doi Apps

This is because you are reading this article, but you have to spend on internet. Which you have to buy at a high price. But what if you could get some free internet data? Yes, My Robi Apps is giving you that opportunity.

If you do not have My Robi Apps installed on your phone, install it now. Then create a free account here with your Robi number. With 1 account you will get 1 GB internet balance for free.

However, it is not only you who get 1 GB internet balance, you can also get free Talktime or SMS if the offer is on at that time. And the whole thing depends on the offers given at different times.

Not only this, with the help of My Robi Apps you can reduce your internet costs a lot. Because by using this app you can buy data at a very low price, which is not possible without the app. So install the app today to get all the other features of Robi besides income.

Special Note: 1 GB or conventional internet data will be available from each Robi number only for the first time by signing up.

3. Upay App

Like bKash or cash, Upay is one of the leading mobile banking companies in Bangladesh. It is a digital financial services brand that is helping Bangladesh achieve its goals through simple, secure and innovative digital financial solutions. It has just started its journey but has already gained a lot of popularity through various offers. Upay App is currently offering a cash reward of up to Tk 50 per registration.

And for this you need to download the app from Play Store. The rule is that if you register or sign up with your national identity card for the first time, you will get a cash reward of Tk 25 immediately. Then within 7 days of the first app login, if you recharge 50 taka or more, you will get 25 taka cash reward.

You can check the cash reward balance by dialing USD Code * 268 # in the My upay section from your app’s account page. You can use this Cash Reward only for anything other than Cash Out, Send Money and Fund Transfer.

Note: Customers will only be eligible for this cash reward during the campaign.

But yes, not only sign ups, but also mobile recharge, internet data purchases, utility bill payments and food bill payments, including various types of bill payments have great cashback offers. The most interesting thing is that these offers continue throughout the year.

৪. Snack Video App

Snack Video is a video sharing platform that is a lot like a tick. The difference, however, is that it is not limited to video sharing. There is also a great way to earn money by watching video clips.

With this great app you can win prizes by signing up or registering a new account. There is also a chance to get a bonus by sharing your video with other friends. Besides, there is a check-in reward for every day.

However, the most popular way to earn from this app is to invite users to the Snack Video App. When someone downloads and signs up the Snack Video App using your referral link or invitation code, you will immediately receive 200 PKR for each sign up. Which can be withdrawn after 24 hours by adding payment method.

৫. Google Opinion Rewards

Google is known around the world as a transparent service provider. Even if no other company pays you to work with you, Google will never do that. Google’s Opinion Rewards is a platform where you can win Rewards by sharing your Opinion.

Google Opinion Rewards Google’s own app. Since this app is not yet available in Region in Bangladesh, you will need a Gmail account from American server to use it. And you can easily do that by using VPN.

First, login to your app from a valid country IP according to the rules. Then give feedback on some small survey about different services or products. Once the survey is completed, Google will verify it and send the balance to your account.

. Tick

TickTock is now a well-known platform in the video sharing world. There is no one who has never heard of TickTock or used the TickTock app at least once. Interestingly, TickTock is now a great source of income, not just entertainment. And the world’s largest content creators are doing just that.

There are many ways to earn money from TikTok App. One of which is the income by monetizing ticktalk ad. This is a method by which you can monetize your account by creating unique videos. As a result, if someone comes to see your video, various ads will be displayed at the beginning of the video, in or below the display. And with these ads you can earn enough money.

The second way to earn money from TickTock is to donate. This is a built-in monetization facility. It is a form of monetization where you can donate money to your audience. If you are a TickTock user then you must know that you can go to your profile and buy coins if you want. The value of these coins per thousand stands at 3 1.39.

When someone sends a sticker to someone using a coin, the ticker can accept the coin. These coins are used to purchase diamonds, which can eventually be converted into cash. This money can be withdrawn through PayPal.

. Selling pictures

Can you take beautiful pictures with mobile? Can you impress your friends with the pictures you take? Then this talent can pave the way for earning money online. Yes, you can now earn money by taking pictures.

There are some popular online platforms in the world who buy pictures from photographers. If you can take quality pictures, you can also sell pictures on these platforms. Here are some popular and trusted online platforms:

  • Alamy.
  • 500px.
  • SmugMug Pro.
  • Shutterstock.
  • iStock Photo.
  • Etsy.
  • Getty Images.
  • Stocksy.

On these platforms anyone can sell pictures of any category taken by them. And according to the rules of these platforms, you will get a commission from the price of each time the pictures are sold from you. Which you can get by hand using PayPal or War Transfer Payment Method.

What are you thinking? Need an expensive camera to be a good quality photographer? Yet many hold this view, which is not correct. Many modern cameras are used in today’s smartphones. With which it is possible to take great pictures. So get down today with your favorite smartphone to take all the nice pictures.

৮. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is an online survey organization with about 11 million active users. When a large organization creates new products or updates old ones, they need to know the user experience later. Users publish experiences of these products or services in Survey Junkie. As a result they can earn from here.

To earn on this platform you need to take part in various surveys. Different questions have to be answered and all the work has to be done to get points. This way you can finish your tasks successfully and win points. If you can earn at least 500 points then you can get it by using different payment methods.

Some of the payment methods that Survey Junkie supports are:

  • PayPal
  • e-Giftcards.
  • Direct bank transfer.

Google Play Store alone has 1,000,000+ users. So it shows how popular Survey Junkie is. However, you should read user reviews before you start.

৯. Pocket Money

Pocket Money is a learning app that is more popular among the youth at present. If you want to earn income from Pocket Money, you have to complete various tasks here and accept rewards. Many young people have been working on this app and have been able to earn a good amount of income. The app has a 4.5 rating score on the Google Play Store.

After opening the app, you will be suggested different types of apps. Your job is to download and use these apps for a while. There are also various Tombola Games, which you can earn money by playing.

With this app you can earn income without any work. And that is that it is possible to earn a lot of money by referring the Pocket Money app among friends. If someone installs the app through each of your successful referrals, you can earn around 200 rupees per day. This means that if you can work every day, then with this app you can earn 6000 rupees per month.

10. Money income app for playing chess

Chess is a game played by intelligent and prudent people. This game is well known to almost all of us. But you know, now it is possible to earn money by playing chess. There are some online chess platforms where you can earn money by playing chess on mobile through the app.

Chess is one of the most popular platforms on Cube,, Big Time Chess, MBChess and These chess platforms offer the opportunity to arrange more than 30,000 matches per day. Moreover, if you want here, you can take part in more than 400 daily tournaments every day.

If you win in the various competitions held here, you will be paid dollars. Which you can get through PayPal, Pioneer or other payment methods. For people who love chess, this is truly a great way to earn money

Last word

Above we have discussed in detail about 10 online money making apps in Bangladesh. We have not mentioned here any of the apps that make it difficult to make payments from Bangladesh. Each of the above mentioned apps is famous and established. So you can trust them.


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